Gender+ Benchmarking Tool

Gender+ Benchmarking Tool

Gender+ is an interactive assessment tool for VET organisations to benchmark their current gender inclusion policies. This highlights areas for improvement and how these can be addressed (e.g. what institutional changes, training etc. is needed). The results from this tool also map across to the Charter, showing an organisation the extent to which they meet the minimum requirements.

This interactive benchmarking tool allows educators to assess their current services and track improvements in gender inclusion. This is achieved through incentivised guidance and support which highlights how organisations can evidence and improve provision to meet minimum requirements laid out in the Gender+ Charter. Each organisation's score against this Charter forms their 'Gender Footprint', with those organisations scoring well awarded the Gender+ kitemark and certificate.

The benchmarking tool was developed in the framework of an Erasmus+ project Gender+ which has developed governance and benchmarking tools to improve gender inclusivity within Vocational Education and Training.

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